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Cooking DISC


The DISC that started it all!

Yes ($50.00)
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The DISC that started it all!

The Cooking DISC comes standard when purchasing the full size DISC-IT, DISC-IT Junior and the RV/Table Top DISC-IT.

The DISC-IT cooking measures 22″ diameter and comes standard with DISC-IT handles.  Or you can order custom handles for your cooking disc.

*** this is NOT stainless steel ***  The surface of the cooking disc is finely ground giving it a smooth and shiny consistent surface for faster and easier seasoning and cleaning.


  1. admin

    Thanks for the comments Ray! We appreciate your business!

  2. Jon foshey

    I won my disc-it a couple of years ago and I love it! It’s the centerpiece of the man kitchen !

  3. admin

    Thanks for the comment Jon! Glad to hear it is the centerpiece! Thanks for being our customer!

  4. joe

    I have a question. WHT size of disco comes with the the set up? And how do I order what size of disco I want?

  5. Lonnie

    What is the exact size of the Cooking Disc ?

  6. admin

    Hi Lonnie,
    The cooking disc is 22″ diameter – thanks for the inquiry!

  7. Dennis

    I don’t have one but my little brother has it and it’s amazing I need one

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