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Chicharrone Breakfast Burritos on the DISC-IT S11/1

Our very first Episode of Season 11 of the “…On the DISC-IT” Cooking show, we bring in Mr. Tony Garduño and he shares his awesome, quick and easy recipe for making Chicharrone Breakfast Burritos on the DISC-IT.\

Recipe and instructions:

Breakfast Chi Charon Burritos Total Time: 5-7 minutes
Episode 1 Season 11
Pork -3lb
Chopped Green Chile -1 cup
Special rub -2tbsp
• Salt
• Pepper
• Garlic
• Red Chile powder
• Green Chile powder
• BBQ seasoning
Cheese -1 cup
Crushed red pepper -1/2 cup
Honey -1/2 cup
Eggs -1 dozen

Add oil to cooking disc. Next add the pork and cook until there is no moister left from the pork. Then add the special rub to coat the meat. Mix well. Then add oil to the center of the cooking disc so the eggs will not stick. Next add green chile and crushed red pepper for flavor and kick. Then add honey and set your burner to low. Add eggs to center of the cooking disc and scramble with the pork. Then heat up some tortillas and add cheese.

“Cooking Outdoors Has Never been Better!” TM


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