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Here is a look at all the different designs we have made over the years.

  • Testimonials

    I bought one for my wife for Christmas. Since that day, we have only touched our traditional grill a couple of times.

    Ryan French

  • Testimonials

    I love cooking on my Disc-It! I use it for just about everything you could think of cooking on a regular barbeque grill.

    Mikey Apodaca

  • Testimonials

    The Disc-It grill works great! One of my favorite features is that it starts up right away every time with no hassles.

    Geno Griego

  • Testimonials

    I believe that if you can cook it in a pan, wok, skillet or grill, you can cook it on a Disc-It.

    Melissa Lee

  • Testimonials

    The high quality steel, burner and finish make it a piece of outdoor cooking equipment I will be able to use for years. I especially like the custom plasma cutting that truly makes it my own work of art.

    G. Gomez

  • Testimonials

    I recommend the Disc-It grill to anyone who is in the market for an easy to use, top quality grilling product.

    Ben Castillo

  • Testimonials

    This is the most unique item I could have hoped for.  I have received many compliments regarding my Disc-It grill!

    Manuel Myers