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Episode #9 Phil’s Disc-It Parmesan Burgers

Wow! What a cool recipe today. I had heard about this recipe for about a
month and wanted to see it for myself. I invited Disc-It customer Phil Benavidez
to come in and show all of us first hand how to make his famous "Phil’s Disc-It
Parmesan Burgers". We had a blast and Phil showed me yet another new quick,
easy, and healthy way to cook on the Disc-It.

All of us here at Disc-It take our hats off to Phil for an Amazing recipe.
Thank you so much Phil for taking time to come be a guest chef and to really
spice up our meal routine with your awesome burger. We are honored to have you
as part of our Disc-It family.

We invite all our customers to send us your recipes on what you would like
to see us cook on the Disc-It. Better yet contact us and come down and we will
let you teach us and all other Disc-It users how to cook your special recipe on
the Disc-It.

Thanks again Phil,


"Cooking Outdoors Has Never Been Better!"


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  1. I will try Phil’s Parmesan Disc-it Burger on my disc-it. I have been cooking for 1 1/2 years on my Disc-it.

    Just to let you know I have been cooking potatoes and chorizo for are safety meetings at work. It’s been a hit on taste every time its cooked on the disc-it. It feeds 24 people on one cooking set-up. (about 25 eggs/ 3 1/2 pounds of chorizo / 1 1/2 or 2 lbs of dice potatoes. season the chorizo to your taste.

    Cook the potatoes 1st than take it out of the Disc-it, then cook the chorizo by itself until its all most done. Make sure you you add your seasoning to the chorizo before returning the potatoes back on the disc-it. then add your cooked diced potatoes back into the disc-it and mix well with the chorizo. . now you ready for the 25 eggs to mix into the chorizo and potatoes. Now throw in 4 whole yellow chilies into the mix. cook until done and enjoy eating.

    Been having a great time cooking with the Disc-it. I put it, in the same category as the barbecue smoker, it’s just fun cooking outdoors.

    Phillip Soto of Phoenix, Arizona

  2. Just received my new Disc-It. WE cooked burgers on it this
    weekend and added jack cheese between two burgers before
    cooking. They were great. I also grilled onions at the same time. It smelled like the fair was in town.
    I have some things on order and was wondering if there is a catalog to order from. I saw a stock pot holder and was wonderin if you had tools etc.
    Love my Disc-it

  3. Glad you are enjoying your DISC-IT Mr. Penton. Your DISC-IT accessories should arrive soon via FedEx – thank you for your business!

  4. I have to say my Brother is a great cook not just on his Disc=It but at every family get together he make just about anything taste great. I love you.

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