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Gold Accessory Package




Normally $245 Now $200

This is ultimate package for anyone getting a DISC-IT or already has one!

This package includes our 5 most popular add on’s for the DISC-IT.

You will get:

The Lid-It – Is our #1 add-on for the DISC-IT because it allows you to keep the heat contained while cooking and when you are serving.

The Triv-It– This is one while our newer items but people love them. The Trivet is designed for you to remove your DISC and place it on a table. this allows you to serve your meal at the table and not form the burner.

Stock Pot Plate – This plate locks into your burner to allow you to use stock pots, pans, and any other smaller pot or pan. This is very handy if you what to do a fish boil and some people use it on the JR DISC-IT to do turkey frying.

The Cover-It – This is not one of those cheap covers you buy and it rips when you put it on the first time. It is made to last as long as your DISC-IT dose.

The Flat Skill-It – The Flat Skill-it is perfect for cooking a lot of food like pancakes, french toast, pizza, and much more. Unlike some of our competitors that offer a skillet, we go the extra step and weld a series of bars to the bottom of our skill-it to help make it an even cooking surface and to prevent it from bending and warping from the heat.


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