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Do you love Grilling?

The DISC-IT is amazing to grill on and makes for a better cooking experience vs. a traditional grill.

What Can I Cook On It?

The DISC-IT is the “Swiss Army Knife” of outdoor cooking.  You can cook anything on it. We have yet to find a recipe you can’t. With all the accessories designed for the DISC-IT it replaces the need for a Grill, Skillet, Roster, Smoker, and much more.

What is it made out of?

The DISC-IT is a fully patented cooking device that is laser cut form 3/16 Plate Steel making it a solid cooking platform. It has a powder coat finish wich makes it weather and rust proof for years to come. Whether you are in the backyard, at the lake camping, or hunting and fishing you don’t have to worry about it falling apart. There are a lot of imitators out there so be careful what you buy.

Does it have a warranty?

The DISC-IT has a Life Time Warranty.

  • If your burner stops working we will replace it
  • If caster wheel falls off we will replace it
  • If anything happens you can just let us know and we will fix it

You just have to fill it out your warranty on our website once you have received your DISC-IT.

Why Buy a Disc-it?

The Disc-it is the “Swiss army knife” of outdoor cooking. It has everything you have ever wanted in one unique design. Why settle for anything less? No more having to buy multiple outdoor appliances to accommodate your hunger for amazing food. The Disc-it allows you to go from grilling to roasting to smoking and frying in just a matter of seconds.  With its patented design, you can customize it to fit your unique lifestyle. The possibilities are endless. Get your unique Disc-it today and start cooking the food you want to eat.

Top Accessories


Your new DISC-IT isn’t complete without the LID-IT!


Why not get some custom utensils to go with your new custom DISC-IT

HOLD-IT Side Tables

Best place to rest your beer wile you cook



If you love breakfast you will love the Flat SKILL-IT.

$75-$125 Select options