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The Grill Everyone Is Talking About!

Posted by DISC-IT Grill on Friday, June 9, 2017

Get The DISC-IT That Started It All

  • The DISC-IT otherwise known as Texas wok, cowboy wok, disk, plough disk cooker, and many other names is a very different way to cook amazing food.
  • The DISC-IT is you’re all in one outdoor gas grill that will change the way you think about outdoor cooking.
  • If you love cooking on a traditional gas grill then you are going to love cooking on a DISC-IT. It is a whole new way of cooking that is easy to do and even easier to clean.
  • The DISC-IT allows you to cook anything you could ever dream of cooking. We have made everything from juicy steaks, creamy pasta, and even some mind-blowing desserts.


Double DISC-IT

The Newest product that EVERYONE is talking about!!

Wine Bottle DISC-IT

If you are a Wine Drinker this is the DISC-IT for you.

Pottery DISC-IT

The Pottery DISC-IT has been a top design by customers sense day 1.

Bald Eagle DISC-IT

The Bald Eagle DISC-IT is a must for any how loves the USA

Scratching Bear DISC-IT

This is a DISC-IT with a Bear scratching its back on a tree

Brook Trout DISC-IT

If you are a Brook Trout fisherman, this is the DISC-IT for you.


If You are a Die Hard Texan this is your DISC-IT

Climbing Elk DISC-IT

If you are an Elk hunter this is the DISC-IT for you.

Top Accessories


Bronze Accessory Package

This is a great Beginner package for anyone getting a DISC-IT or already has one!

$118.00 $100.00

Gold Accessory Package

This package includes our 5 most popular add on’s for the DISC-IT.

$245.00 $200.00

Silver Accessory Package

This package includes our 4 most popular add on’s for the DISC-IT.

$170.00 $140.00


Your new DISC-IT isn’t complete without the LID-IT!

HOLD-IT Side Tables

Best place to rest your beer wile you cook



Why not get some custom utensils to go with your new custom DISC-IT


If you love breakfast you will love the Flat SKILL-IT.